Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Everyone who knows me knows my passion for food. It's not just trying out different cuisines but creating them myself is what I thoroughly enjoy! Food is something I can talk about endlessly.

As a kid I remember I used to sit with my granny (we used to call her Amma Aaji) in the kitchen and roll chapaatees. She had bought two small polpaat-laatana (rolling pin and board) for myself and my little sister. I think that's when my training for cooking started.

Amma Aaji was a great cook. She was a vegetarian so most of the delicacies that we tasted in our childhood were all veg. My sister and I were her Laadkyaa Naati (darling grand daughters) which is why we got to taste a variety of Maharashtrian dishes right from starters to desserts.

My love for baking started much later. We had a small, Bajaj oven at home. Back then microwaves had not even launched in the market, forget the fancy big ovens. One day we were invited at a family friend's place for dinner. His daughter who had joined a baking class had baked pineapple cake. I was quite surprised as it tasted as good as or even better than the one which we used to get at the pastry shops. I guess that was the day when I got inspired to bake.

A couple of years later when I was working in an advertising agency a colleague of mine was very kind to give me the recipe of Black Forest cake. I couldn't wait to rush home and bake it. It's impossible for me to describe the feeling when I saw and later tasted what I had created.. My first baked dessert! That's how I started baking and continued doing so along with tasting and cooking different dishes from round the world!

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